News Vol. 25 #1 - February 2014

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Letter from the President


Elections, Bylaws, and the International Initiative

Feb 1, 2014

By Roberto Alvarez - Your Board of Directors has been very active over the last few months. As most of you know, the board convenes twice a year, at the spring Annual Meeting and in the fall during...


Annual Meetings

Destination Albuquerque

Feb 1, 2014

By Erve Chambers - The 2014 annual meetings to be held next month in Albuquerque (March 18-22) will be among the largest meetings in our Society’s history. As of the first week of February, there...

Albuquerque Update: Tours, Workshops, and Lodging

Feb 1, 2014

By Tom May - There is still time to register for one (or more) of the tours that will be available in Albuquerque. The following information will provide an update:

The SfAA Podcast Project: Spring Update

Feb 1, 2014

By Jo Aiken and Angela Ramer - The SfAA Podcast Project team is looking forward to the 2014 Annual Meeting in Albuquerque, as we work hard to make this year’s podcast service the best ever. It is...



We Almost Lost Detroit, Remember?: Applied Anthropology and the Fermi–Fukushima Connection

Feb 1, 2014

By Brian McKenna - As the third anniversary of the Fukushima meltdowns comes upon us in March, it’s time to reflect on our own Fukushimas. In 1966 the Fermi nuclear reactor outside Detroit Michigan...


Applying the Social Sciences: Examples and Models from the Field

Archaeology and Education at Fort St. Joseph

Feb 1, 2014

By Erica D’Elia, Erin Claussen, and Michael Nassaney - The Fort St. Joseph Archaeological Project (FSJAP) is a partnership between Western Michigan University and the City of Niles, Michigan...


Oral History Project

Introduction to Oral History Interview with Muriel (Miki) Crespi

Feb 1, 2014

By Shirley J. Fiske - Muriel Crespi, or Miki, as she preferred to be called, was the Chief Ethnographer of the National Park Service. She asked me to interview her for the SfAA oral history project,...

Creating a Presence of Applied Anthropology in the National Park Service: An SfAA Oral History Interview with Muriel “Miki” Crespi

Feb 1, 2014

By Shirley J. Fiske - These interviews were conducted by Shirley J. Fiske on a number of dates in late 2002 and early 2003. The transcripts which follow were edited for accuracy and readability by...



An Interview with Dána-Ain Davis

Feb 1, 2014

By Gretchen Ahrens and Gabriela Escamilla - Dána-Ain Davis works as an Associate Professor of Urban Studies Queens College and Anthropology at the Graduate Center at the City University of New York...

An Interview with Josiah Heyman

Feb 1, 2014

By Katie Birkey and Elizabeth Balvaneda - The following is an interview with Josiah Heyman, Professor of Anthropology and Chair of Sociology and Anthropology at the University of Texas in El Paso,...


SfAA Topical Interest Groups

First Meeting of SfAAs New TIG on Business Anthropology

Feb 1, 2014

By Maryann McCabe - At the SfAA Meeting in Albuquerque, we will have the 1st meeting of the new TIG on Business Anthropology. It will take place on Thursday, March 20th, at 3:30 pm. Gitti Jordan and...

Growing a Group: Gender-Based Violence TIG Celebrates Its 7th Year

Feb 1, 2014

By Jennifer R. Wies and Hillary J. Haldane - The Gender-Based Violence Topical Interest Group formed in 2007, and we have had the privilege of organizing sessions at the annual Society for Applied...

Tourism and Heritage TIG: SfAA Annual Meetings Preview

Feb 1, 2014

By Melissa Stevens - Student Paper Competition - We are proud to announce the winners of the third annual Tourism and Heritage TIG Student Paper Competition! The competition started with the...


Announcements and Other News

Human Rights and Social Justice Committee Update

Feb 1, 2014

By Carla Pezzia - Meeting in Albuquerque - Each year there seems to be more and more panels and papers relevant to human rights and social justice work, indicating the importance of these issues to...


Student Corner


Feb 1, 2014

This issue brings us closer to the annual meetings in Albuquerque, NM. The theme this year, Destinations, can be interpreted in many ways. A destination can be a faraway place frequented by tourists,...

Curriculum Development at Red Cloud Indian School

Feb 1, 2014

By Nicky Belle - During my third year as a Ph.D. student in anthropology, the American Indian Studies Research Institute (AISRI) at Indiana University was approached by members of Red Cloud Indian...

Cruise Ship Tourism in Cozumel, Mexico: “Frios Como la Naturaleza de los Gringos lo Dice”

Feb 1, 2014

By Christine Preble - Cruise ship tourism is a dynamic site of inquiry within the anthropology of tourism. Its history and current social manifestations concerns millions of localities around the...


News from Related and Cognate Associations

COPAA Events in Albuquerque

Feb 1, 2014

By Susan B. Hyatt - As readers of this newsletter know, our annual Society for Applied Anthropology meeting is coming up in mid-March in Albuquerque. As has been the case in past SfAAs, COPAA has...


From the Editor

From the Editor

Feb 1, 2014

By Jason L. Simms - As I mentioned when I assumed editorship of SfAA News last year, several changes were planned. The first—and most noticeable—of these was the design change. This issue marks a...